Rotary Nozzle 5000 PSI

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Max Pressure: 5000 PSI 

Max Temperature: 212° F 

Min Flow: 2.7 GPM 

Max Flow: 8 GPM 

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    2 lbs
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Rotary Nozzles 

Rotating nozzles use centrifugal force to produce a strong impact and a spray pattern. Due to the reliability and effectiveness rotary turbo nozzles have been widely accepted. The nozzle rotates a powerful, zero degree spray pattern in a circular motion to break down tough dirt and grime. By spinning the discharge water, the spray adds additional scrubbing ability to the cleaning process. With a rotating nozzle, you can clean the following types of applications; rust removal, metal or plastic tank cleaning, paint removal and graffiti removal, wall paint stripping, washing concrete, eliminating gum from sidewalks, boat cleaning and barnacle removal, asbestos abatement, cleaning crab and lobster pots, fish nets, cleaning dirty garage floors, stripping paint from wood exterior, and removing mud and clay from highway and construction equipment. The spray pattern will cover area of 4 to 8 inches wide, depending on a distance between the wand and the surface being cleaned. 

Nozzle Types 

Turbo nozzles have been one of the most important accessories developed. These efficient tools provide the power of a zero-degree pattern. The circular motion also adds extra agitation to cleaning tough jobs like caked-on mud. They are designed to provide a 200% cleaning efficiency over a 25-degree flat fan nozzle. The precision ceramic orifice and matching seat, along with the high strength forged brass housing; provide a long life accessory with no gears, teeth, or bearings. When the nozzle or seat wears, you can replace parts easily to extend the life even longer. Select the proper nozzle for each type of spray application. BENEFITS Multiplies ordinary pressure into powerful scrubbing power using a jet stream of rotating water. Its powerful strike makes it ideal for cleaning large, flat surfaces such as driveways and patios It rotates at high speeds to increase both the intensity and cleaning area of the spray Increase pressure washers cleaning efficiency

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